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Lyndale House Week 14: Exterior Inspiration

We probably won’t start anything else on the exterior (see our lovely new porch, here!) until we’ve recovered from the past insanely hectic, stressful four months. That said, we definitely have a vision for out there and I thought I would share some of it. Remember Thomas O’Brien’s Long Island home from Domino years ago? We absolutely love it. The light gray siding and white trim are so classic together, and we love, love the hardscaping. The gravel paths and stone patios are just what we’ve had in mind for the Lyndale house. 

The landscaping is also right up our alley. Ever since I laid eyes on the Lyndale house, I’ve been dreaming of a garden border just like this for the backyard. So lush, colorful and layered. It’s the perfect contrast to the soft, rolling green lawn. I have so many native varieties that would be perfect in our border. I’m really looking forward to mapping and drafting everything out. It was one of my favorite parts of re-designing the last house!


Photos by Max Kim-Bee as seen in Domino Magazine April 2007


Lyndale House Week 14: Update

Happy belated New Year!! We made quite a bit of progress on the renovation over the holidays, so I thought I would share a little Lyndale house update. I have to admit, this project has dragged on for far longer than I expected. It's just been one thing after another — small delay, followed by small delay!

Right now, we are having a bit of an issue with the cabinetry fitting correctly. We had to order a different sink for the kitchen at the last minute, because Ikea decided to discontinue basically everything in their kitchen department. As a result our custom built sink cabinet did not quite fit the new sink. So we’ve been delayed another week with installing cabinetry. The appliances set us back a week earlier in the month, and we're still waiting on the range for the main house kitchen.

On a similar note, we were shipped the wrong toilets (round instead of oval) and didn’t notice until they were already installed (whoops!) so the bath vanity didn’t quite fit in its space either. Every inch counts in a tiny bathroom, and the round toilets were much larger than the oval! We are in the process of re-working the bathroom cabinet now, as well as replacing the wrong toilets with right ones to gain more space between fixtures in there.

Also! You might see, that we ended up not having room in our design budget for the glorious bardiglio marble tile that I previously posted about. In fact we went over budget on just about all of the "invisible" work (electrical, plumbing, HVAC, etc) that had to get done. So sadly, I was not able to use it. Oh well, there's always the studio project!

On the bright side, our roof looks amazing! As does the new front porch! I'm looking forward to having many relaxing evenings sitting on that porch and watching my garden grow.

The apartment above the garage is also turning out quite nicely. We've finally replaced the old jalousie windows and refinished the hardwood floors, and all of the plaster has received a nice smooth skim coat. I just love the way the custom double closets turned out too. Now I'm trying to figure out closet organizers for both them and the closets in the main house. Something ingeniously organizable, but not a thousand dollars... Have any ideas??

For the next 10 days, our punch list includes trim work, kitchen cabinet/counter install, final tile, electrical and plumbing install, a little more painting and then hopefully we will be all set with the interior construction. We are dying to move in very soon, so I’m praying and sending out positive vibes that all of this gets executed!

ps. if you'd like, you can follow me on instagram for more frequent progress updates! @marystonecypher


Lyndale House Week 6: Bathroom Floor Tile, Inspiration and Sourcing

I've been obsessed with the hexagon marble flooring in Deborah Needleman's space (I think it's either a mudroom or a bathroom?) ever since seeing it in Martha Stewart Living a few years ago. I love the texture and color and think it would be perfect for the bathroom of the main house at Lyndale. So, I've been trying try figure out exactly what type of stone she used and I think I've finally got it. I might try and email to confirm, but I've got a huntch it's 1" Bardiglio Marble. So far, I've only found one online dealer, Allstone, with sheets that appear to have the same color variety and dimension as hers. I plan on ordering a sample later today, and am really looking forward to seeing how it feels in person. Will keep you updated!

Top scanned image by Ngoc Minh Ngo of Deborah Needleman's space in "Bringing Nature Home"; Second image of 1" Bardiglio Hexagon Tile via Allstone; Bottom scanned image by Annie Schlechter of Deborah Needleman's space via Martha Stewart Living November 2011


Lyndale House Week 6: Construction Progress

Greetings from renovation world. This is a shot of the new closets being framed out in the bedroom of the garage apartment.

I can't believe we're already in the sixth week of work here... Stress is, naturally, at its highest level yet. There is something about having a lot of time and money invested in something that is constantly being torn apart that sends my nerves through the roof. I need walls. Walls are good. I can't wait to get to the stage where there are walls again!

The biggest delay we've had so far, has been from our original electrical sub-contractor.  He no called/no showed three weeks in a row. This set us back a lot. Thankfully we have a new crew, working right now and set to finish the rough-in (knock on wood) Friday.

Now back to the walls... 

Originally we thought the electrical could be roughed-in via the attic, but no. Since the entire home is being rewired, the electricians had to drastically chop up the exsisting wall board (see image above) to connect all the new wiring. And, as a result, the drywall crew is unable to patch it. So now, another crew will need to come out for final demo before new drywall starts next week.

On to some more positive news... Rough plumbing is done! Here is an image of the tub being set in the garage apartment.

Also, our custom, poplar shaker-style cabinets are coming along quite nicely. Below is an image of the sink cabinet prototype. (Now, if only our sink would come back in stock so I can order it!)

Hopefully all goes well this week and next with demo, inspections, insulation and drywall. We are crossing our fingers tightly, knocking on wood and putting out positive vibes in the universe that we can move in by Christmas. It would mean the world. There is an insanely long list of items that needs to happen from now, until then. But we've got five weeks!


Floral Design Work Featured on Green Wedding Shoes

Excited to see some of my recent floral design work on the Green Wedding Shoes blog. For this shoot, I had free reign to use whatever varieties and color combos I wanted, and whenever that happens I step out my front door and let nature dictate the design. In this case, I was lucky to find wild bleeding heart and passion vine in perfect bloom. I foraged those and snagged a few roses from my garden to combine with organic California roses and dahlias for this setting. You can see more images, including shots of the centerpieces, cake table, archway, chair swags and mantle, here.

Photos by Tiffani Jones.


Fall Blooming Camellias in the Winter Park Rose Garden

The other morning I walked to the rose garden to watch the flowers as the sun came up. While there, I noticed the fall blooming sasanqua camellias looking extra vibrant and beautiful. Camellias are such a great shrub for gardens in the south and, as many other southern towns, they're used a lot in landscaping throughout Winter Park. In the late winter, when almost all the camellias are in bloom, the entire town seems so much brighter. It's one of my favorite times of year here. And, it was such a treat to have a little glimpse of that earlier this week.


Lyndale House Week 4: Inspiration, Frank Muytjens' Hillsdale Home

I'm really supposed to be finalizing my revised electrical plans and emailing copies of permits to trades right now, but I just couldn't resist sharing some interior and garden inspiration for the Lyndale house. I stumbled across Frank Muytjens' instagram account the other night and was instantly obsessed. His upstate NY home, pictured here, is right on point with the aesthetic I'd like to achieve for this home — a perfectly restored, timeless structure; layered with more modern, current elements and pops of color from artwork, flowers and textiles. Everything in his space feels so appropriately suited for the architecture and setting. And that garden...! So beautiful, in each season. 

My goal, for Lyndale, is to create a lush English country cottage garden throughout most of the yard using as many native and/or drought tolerant plants as I can (think pink muhly grass, plumbago, oakleaf hydrangea, etc).

I also plan to fill the interior with as many air filtering plants as possible, to improve our indoor air quality and cut down on VOCs.

On a side note, what do you think of the photo gallery wall, behind the television trend (pictured in the photo above)? I'm sort of leaning toward it. I think televisions should blend in with the room, rather than be a main focal point. And the utilitarian in me likes to keep regularly used items out in the open, easily accessible. We haven't had cable in many, many years, but we do love a good movie night or TV series marathon, so we'll have to place it in a practical viewable spot. I think adding the gallery-wall behind could warm it up a bit and keep the TV from being the direct focus of the room.

Another glowing, gorgeous garden shot, above left. And the floors on the right are just what we're hoping our old pine ones will clean up to.

Square images from Frank Muytjens' inspiring instgram feed (@fmuytjens); All other photos by Tariq Dixon for his company, TRNK


The Lyndale House

Things are moving right along at our new home, the Lyndale house, so I figured I would share some photos and plans before too much time passes! I have soooooo many ideas for this place and although I'm a little stressed, I'm having a blast putting everything together. I live for this stuff.

Like I mentioned in my first post, the house was built in 1935 and still has the original doors, windows, flooring and some bath fixtures. The property consists of two buildings with basically four separate spaces:

  1. The Main House: 720 sq. ft.; 2 Bedrooms, 1 Bathroom
  2. The Garage Building which includes:
    1. Garage Apartment: 518 sq. ft.; 1 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom
    2. Storage Space: 200 sq. ft.
    3. The Garage

While most of the spaces are rather small, it's nice having several different units/buildings for different uses. For example, right now in our rental, my desk/office space is also our dinning room. So it never goes away. But here, I will be able to have a true office space and a studio to work out of for my design projects, close it up and go home when I'm done. We also have the apartment above the garage, that we can rent to a friend to help offset some of our mortgage, renovation and maintenance costs. These were all major factors in us deciding to purchase this place. Plus the yard is super huge. Oh the gardens I have planned for this place... but I will save that for another post :)

In terms of major renovation items, both units need brand new roofs, all new electrical, plumbing and HVAC. The studio and the living room of the apartment also need new windows. In addition to all of that, we have a long list of other updates for the spaces, including cabinetry, lighting, painting, hardscaping, etc... Here's a quick overview the main house and studio space, and what we are envisioning for both.

The Front Porch:

We love this space! A front porch is something Tim and I both always admire on houses and this one is no exception. Our plan here is to remove the drop ceiling, screen and block walls. We want to open the entire porch space up with just a few supporting pillars to make it feel fresh and airy. We will also add a new lighting fixture and restore the Front Door down to it's original wood color and restore the windows. We're thinking of something like this for the front porch:

via A Country Farmhouse

From the Living Room, Looking into the Small Galley Kitchen:

The common living areas of the Main House are super small. Thankfully we are used to living in tiny spaces, and have gotten really great at maximizing our square footage. Our plan here is to open up the galley kitchen and have one large living space that will host the living room, dining area and kitchen. For the dinning area we're going to create a little nook. I'm currently on the hunt for an old iron pedestal that I can use as a base for a petite round marble-top table for this area. I really love the look of this one at Williams-Sonoma but it's kind of way out of our budget and I'm so much more interested in supporting our local salvage yard and marble guys anyway. Here's a good example of a custom marble-top nook table made from salvaged pieces by Jessica Helgerson that I love. Ours would be round, though.

via Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

So, I will keep you posted on my table adventures. Meanwhile...

The Kitchen:

You know, I am so excited about the kitchen. I love kitchens. They're always my favorite room in the house and I had the most fun planning, designing and building our last one. However, this time I'm stepping up my game and graduating from the Ikea cabinets. While I do love Ikea's options, I've been so inspired by the work at deVOL and Plain English, AND I know a really awesome wood worker. So, in this kitchen, we'll be installing custom designed, locally built shaker-style cabinetry. A bit of inspiration:

via Remodelista

via Courtney Adamo's House Design Mom

Looking from the Kitchen into the Living/Dinning Area:

The 'Master' Bedroom:

The bedrooms, as you might gather, are also a bit small. Right on trend with the rest of the bungalow. The closets though, are surprisingly large for a home this old. Each closet is about seven feet wide, but with 24" door openings. So, in each bedroom we'll be expanding the closet door openings to 72" wide. Both rooms will also be re-wired and we will re-paint the walls, restore the windows, source some beautiful new period hardware for the original doors and add ceiling fans. Transom windows are on our dream list for above the doorways, but we will see if that happens.

Below, an amazingly incredible patch of wild Bleeding Heart Vine in the vacant lot behind the house.

The Bathroom:

The bathroom is another tiny spot that will be completely gutted and rebuilt. There are major rotting issues in the sub floor that's being taken care of as I type this in fact. Also in this space, we plan on removing the linen closet to make the footprint bigger and allow for a properly sized vanity. All new plumbing, electrical and lighting will go in here as well. And! I'm so excited that the original cast iron tub is such great shape, that we can re-finish it! There is a local company here that will come out and take care of it for us once we get closer to being done. We are also going to add a skylight in here and replace the frosted glass on the window with just standard clear glass. Every finish in this room (hardware, lighting, tile, etc) will be restored to period specifications. Now on to the next building!

Walking to the Garage, Garage Apartment Suite and Studio:

For the driveway, we plan on ripping out all the un even concrete and replacing it with a crushed coquina or gravel driveway, lined with brick.

The Future Studio/Office Space:

In the upper left photo you can see the back-end of the upstairs apartment. Directly below that are two storage units that will be combined into one giant space to use as an office and studio. So thrilled about this space. There's a decent sized closet that we're hoping to rough in as a bathoom, if budget allows.  

The two storage rooms:

Unfortunatly I realized when I was putting this together that I don't have any images of the apartment, which is such a shame because it's probably my favorite space of all! We have similar inspiration for it as we do the main house - age appropriate, clean, minimal and energy efficient. You can see a small peek at it on my instagram. The entire apartment is filled to the brim with charm, and thanks to the massive trees in the back yard, it feels like a treehouse. I'll try and garner up some shots to show you soon. In the mean time you can follow me on instagram (@marystonecypher) to see more frequent updates and transformations.

If you'd like help renovating, restoring or creating a healthy space that you absolutely love, please take a look at my interior design services offerings, or send me an email at info[at]!


A Little Modeling with Tiffani Jones Photography

Last week I got to model at the new (old) house for the incredibly talented photographer, Tiffani Jones. Tiffani has been working on an inspiring personal series lately titled "Solitude" and this particular shoot, poignantly named "The Restless Spirit" is part three in the series. The session came about when we happened to be having lunch together one day and I casually said, "You should come see the new place, you would love the light..." and from there, her creative genius took over to conjure up another exquisite installment in this beautifully haunting series. Check out the full essay on her blog, here.

Photography by Tiffani Jones; Floral Styling and Modeling by Mary Stonecypher Maslow.


Week 1: Kitchen Sketches

Hmm. So. I guess I am deciding to keep this blog...?.. Whateves. 

In other news, we bought another house! We closed three weeks ago and started construction right away. It's a 2/1, 720 square foot bungalow, built in 1935, with a detached garage featuring an upstairs 1/1, 520 square foot apartment, and an attached studio/office space. It will be another gut renovation (both units) and I have a ton of photos and details that I hope to share very soon! Meanwhile I will leave you with my rough kitchen sketches, pictured above. It's an off-set galley style kitchen and we're hoping to make it feel as light, open and airy as possible by raising the ceiling a tad and adding a skylight. I can't wait to share more, soon... But for now, it's back to finishing my digital renderings for our custom millwork, and my electrical plan for the electrician meeting on Monday... :)

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